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Life, Death & The Space Between

Nov 24, 2022


“The love that you feel when you open your heart to someone transcends death.” – Dr. Amy Robbins





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Have you ever felt an instant connection with someone? Even when circumstances are stacked against that person taking on a significant role in your life?


Today we talk with Colleen Hildebrand, a Life, Death and the Space Between podcast listener who first contacted Dr. Amy Robbins with her story, intending for it to be a ghost story. Dr Robbins was pulled to reach out to Colleen and invite her in as a guest on the show. 


Colleen’s book, “In the Ether” is an earthly love story that continues beyond death. Her goal with the book was to illuminate the struggle on the path toward unconditional love.


Listen in to hear how Colleen followed the pull of her intuition to write her book, and her arc toward living a more spiritual life full of signs and inexplicable otherworldly experiences.

Topics We Discuss:


  • [0:22] Colleen’s bio.


  • [3:25] Dr. Robbins and Colleen connected after Colleen submitted the idea for a Life, Death and the Space Between podcast ghost story.


  • [4:35] Tragic and stormy love story between Colleen’s teenage daughter Abby and Ryan, an older active duty US Marine. Ryan’s violent episode with PTSD and subsequent felony conviction.


  • [6:00]  Colleen and Ryan’s continuing connection and evolving mother/son type relationship. Colleen’s faith in Ryan as a young person who wanted to do the right thing, but didn’t quite know what the right thing(s) were. Colleen wrote “In the Ether” about Abby and Ryan’s relationship, and Colleen and Ryan’s.


  • [8:40] An overwhelming message Colleen heard to “be a mother to him” and the connection to the 90’s song “Champagne Supernova”.


  • [10:28]  Ryan broke his neck in a diving accident, the aftermath of the sudden tragedy in the hospital, and how Colleen started hearing from Ryan while he lay unconscious in the ICU. Colleen continued to hear from Ryan after his death.


  • [14:30] Colleen felt compelled to contact a medium - they validated her communication from Ryan across the veil. Colleen asked Ryan for very specific signs, and Ryan delivered again and again.


  • [18:10] How Ryan kept his promise – even after his death – to promote Colleen’s book through social media. Abby’s viral TikTok dragonfly video got millions of views. 


  • [23:20] How love transcends death. Colleen’s multiple spiritual experiences throughout her life have opened her in ways she never imagined — including a premonition of Ryan’s death.


  • [24:40] Colleen’s path toward a more spiritual life: experiencing the inexplicable, embracing it, cultivating it, and ultimately growing in awareness and connection. 


See Colleen’s daughter Abby’s viral dragonfly video on Instagram or TikTok


Find Colleen on Instagram and on her website. Her book, “In the Ether: A Memoir of Holding Space” is available on Amazon.  



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