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Life, Death & The Space Between

May 18, 2023

“You cannot find the calm in the chaos, you have to remove the chaos in order to find the calm.” - Hilary Russo






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Does trauma healing seem too scary and painful for you? What if I told you there was a way to make the process more enjoyable?


Today we talk with Hilary Russo, one of only 700 certified Havening practitioners worldwide. She’s also certified in Hypnotherapy and Integrative Nutrition and is an award-winning multimedia host/journalist focusing on health and wellness. You can find Hilary at the mic hosting the successful podcast, HIListically Speaking.


Hilary studied directly under the founding doctors of Havening, who have called her a “pioneer” in the field. Trauma informed and educated, Hilary has been nationally recognized as a leader and public figure for her work in holistic health.


Listen in to hear all about Hilary’s journey from journalism to wellness, how she stumbled upon Havening, and all about what Havening is.

Topics We Discuss:


  • [3:58] Hilary’s jump from journalism to wellness. She left the newsroom after 9/11 and became an Integrative Nutrition Certified Health Coach. She then learned about Havening. Her first experience with a session, which was during a live training seminar, touched on her father’s death and changed her life.


  • [10:58] How does Havening work? The key component is the “Havening Touch”, a gentle touch that can be self-applied or used by a practitioner while talking through a traumatic event. It rewires your brain and leaves you feeling lighter. It can also make you feel like you’re “looking” for that heaviness and trauma.


  • [15:00] Havening helps you process traumatic events. The touch used provides comfort and a pleasant distraction, and puts your brain into a delta wave state so that memories can be rewired. 


  • [19:22] The role of touch in the process. Touch provides a sense of calm, and combined with the change in thought processes due to the pleasure of the experience is where the magic for processing and change happens.


  • [22:06] If someone feels uncomfortable being touched by another person due to abuse or another traumatic experience, they can start this process by trying 3 different methods of touching their own bodies - hands, arms, or face. These are the most effective, but someone can even use a “non-havening touch” on themselves if those won’t work.


  • [27:27] Hilary does a short Havening session with Amy. They also discuss the differences between EFT/tapping and Havening. You can use the tools discussed to regulate yourself anytime and anywhere - for anxiety, performance, fear of flying, etc.


  • [39:25] Find the tool that works for you. Hilary’s signature program, “HUG it Out”, incorporates elements of Havening.


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