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Life, Death and the Space Between

Jan 31, 2022



“I got off pain medications through forgiveness and self-awareness. It wasn’t easy and I wouldn’t recommend it to everybody… but it is possible.” – Ginny Jablonski



Episode Summary:


Continuing with the theme of healing, in this episode we talk with Ginny Jablonski, a two time near death experiencer who unwittingly found herself with extraordinary spiritual senses. After being bedridden with chronic pain for eight years and dependent on high doses of prescription opioids, and nearly overdosing, Ginny saw God and decided to return to earth to continue with a higher purpose.


After her hear death experience Ginny could sense multidimensionally, and see and feel energies in what she calls the “causal realms” in an otherworldly way.  She and her husband, who were respectively educated as an economist and a scientist, had no intellectual context whatsoever for what she was experiencing. She could feel guilt and judgement, sense peoples’ broken hearts, hear the consciousness of plants and animals, see energy moving through the body.


Listen in to hear Ginny’s inspiring story.



Topics We Discuss:

  • [4:15] Ginny’s near death experiences.


  • [12:09] Ginny’s long and winding road to recovery and self-healing.


  • [13:47] The otherworldly spiritual senses she gained.


  • [19:18] Learning how childhood traumas shape our adult responses, Ginny worked to overcome her own childhood wounds.







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