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Life, Death & The Space Between

Jun 27, 2019

Lesley Joan Lupo is an Intuitive Practitioner at the famed Canyon Ranch (23 years) and is internationally known for her accuracy. A gifted healer, NLP specialist, and near-death experiencer, she has a unique and rare gift for explaining the science behind intuition and spiritual phenomenon. After being "killed" by a stampede of horses, her profound near-death experience resulted in her ground-breaking, new book entitled: Remember, Every Breath is Precious: Dying Taught Me How to Live. 


Lesley also teaches workshops on improving relationships. Her popular workshop: Light Your Path — Cultivate a Life of Self-Worth is soon to include a workbook and companion e-course. She now serves on the Steering committee of the Tucson IANDS and is the Vice-Chairman of the Spirituality Leadership Council for the nonprofit Eternea. Lesley also guest lectures in the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality class at the University of Arizona. Lesley also teaches a bi-weekly workshop at Canyon Ranch called "Science of Near-Death Experiences." 

Lesley talks with us today: 

-About her NDE

-What she saw “upstairs” and what she experienced when she crossed over.

-Her spirit guides and how they helped guide her