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Life, Death and the Space Between

Nov 18, 2021

Cracking Open Your Tuition with Isabeau Maxwell 



“Your guides will show you exactly what you need, and exactly what you can handle.” – Isabeau Maxwell


“You hear me say this over and over again... The inner work is a BIG piece of this, because if you don't do the inner work, if you don't look at what's holding you back, if you don't look at the traumas and the difficulties that you've experienced and some early childhood stuff, and maybe even some past life stuff, and you don't clear that out – you can’t connect in this way. And it’s hard AF.“  – Dr Amy Robbins


“When you go through inner work, when you raise your vibration, you're raising yourself up into a space of compassion, a space of higher understanding and knowing… there's more compassion, more love, more connectiveness in your life. You're able to set more healthy boundaries. You experience more joy.”  – Isabeau Maxwell




Episode Summary:


Have you ever kicked yourself because you didn’t listen to your gut feeling? You know, when you JUST KNOW the right thing to do? What if you could amplify your intuition so the messages were clear as a bell?


In this episode, we talk with Isabeau Maxwell, internationally known medium, author and teacher known for her compassion and accuracy. Isabeau specializes in teaching people how to open their own intuitive abilities and live an authentic, blissful life. Her latest books are, “Cracking Open” and “Adventures of a Reluctant Medium”.


Listen in to understand how you can more easily tap into that deep knowing.


Topics We Discuss:

  • [5:05]  Much like Dr. Amy Robbins, Isabeau Maxwell was a reluctant medium. Earlier in life, Isabeau was a spiritual skeptic, having majored in mathematics and chemistry, until a profound and unmistakable after-life visit from her deceased grandmother.  


  • [9:59]  Isabeau’s personal experience with asking and receiving proof.


  • [13:57]  Souls who are “stuck” between Earth and the other side. The fear, confusion or resistance that keeps them from fully crossing over.


  • [18:32]  The review process after death. Dr. Amy Robbins idea of what hell may be. Isabeau’s description of what Hitler experienced after death.


  • [24:02]  How to develop your own intuition.
    • Everyone is a natural intuitive; it’s a matter of putting in the effort – practice
    • Intuition is the sixth sense, just not a body-centered sense like the other five senses
    • Defocusing on the “agreed upon reality” of the solid world


  • [30:48]  Difference between imagination and intuition, which flow through your brain the same way. Over time, however, you will be able to feel the difference. Imagination is a push, the intuition is a pull. Exercises to help you use imagination to spark intuition.


  • [32:49]  Synchronicities happen when you open your intuition and expand your channel.


  • [36:27]  The Sage Method – The approach Isabeau’s guide used – over two years - to show her to tap into her own intuition. Now a 7 week course Isabeau teaches.


  • [40:54]  The importance of doing the hard, critical inner work.


  • [43:46]  The intense 30-second daily exercise - grounding, clearing and protecting – to move forward with balanced energy.








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