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Life, Death & The Space Between

May 25, 2023

Did you know that your body stores emotions, down to the cellular level? Would you believe it if I told you there was someone who could see the particles that make up your body and facilitate cellular healing with this sight?


Today we talk with Patti Conklin, a vibrational mediator, teacher, lecturer, radio personality, host of the show Healing Within: An Adventure Inside on Binge Networks, and an author.


Patti approaches healing with an integrative lens and spiritual awareness to facilitate incredible outcomes with her clients. Her mission is to help people “become insubstantial without transitioning”.


Listen to the episode for more about what that means, what her energetic gifts are like, and how she uses them to conduct cellular healing sessions.

Topics We Discuss:


  • [3:28] Patti explains her gifts. She was born with a rare way of seeing. It’s similar to the way a TV looks when it goes out. She sees one-dimensionally, has no depth perception, and sees particles. She can see the judgments in someone that create disease and their behavioral problems, and manipulate their body’s particles.


  • [6:44] Does Patti release the emotions for the client, or does the client release them? After another visitation at 28 where she was taught to heal with colors, she healed her two forms of Lupus and eventually developed her cellular cleansing method. Patti manipulates a client’s cells and absorbs their energetic junk.


  • [11:02] What does the soul want to experience? Sometimes a terminally-ill person is really supposed to be at the end of their life. Patti can help them arrive at death without fear. Sometimes she sees that doctors are wrong and meets with the patient and their doctor to help them move forward.


  • [12:13] Patti uses an integrative lens- she looks at medical tests and scans with her work, but everything goes back to the emotions stored in your body. We choose emotions and can release them. The emotions in our bodies can be from our time in utero, past lives, or our current lives. You don’t need to know where they come from.


  • [16:30] What happens when someone goes to Patti. Usually, someone is given a diagnosis (or label). She looks at what emotions are prevalent in someone’s life and body. Even if a person lies about what happened, Patti can see the memory of what happened in your body, sometimes as if from a movie. Everyone gets homework. She puts a responsibility on her clients to heal themselves.


  • [24:47] Patti’s success rates. She has a 96%(!) healing rate. Clients still pass, and if they do it’s part of their soul’s journey. She can see if a soul is ready to leave or not, but nothing would stop her from helping someone. Her gifts can help the client and their families emotionally even at the end of life.


  • [28:20] “Becoming insubstantial without transitioning.” How do we get past our judgments and into unconditional love without dying? Patti helps with physical health problems, emotional issues, and even possessions.


  • [29:05] Patti’s experience helping with an exorcism. She defines demons as dark energies attempting to balance out light energies.


  • [33:38] Patti’s daughter-in-law is a pharmacist. Coming from such a heavy Western clinical background, she has a difficult time understanding what Patti does.


  • [36:34] Colorworks. Tones and colors hold active frequencies. Patti has a person feel into their experience and asks what color their body needs to heal. They tell her and then she helps them push the energy through their body. We use a lot of tools like tarot, supplements, etc. that we don’t really need.


  • [41:05] Patti’s children and grandchildren. One son is very similar to her, another is a seer. Her adopted son even has some of her gifts too. Her grandchildren all have aspects of her gifts too. Her children saw who she was and took over the areas she didn’t do well - cooking and cleaning. They still support her work.






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