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Life, Death and the Space Between

Dec 9, 2021



“Vulnerability is the key to a great conversation. Conversation is the antidote to polarization.”

         – Ryan Estes, American Buddhist and Entrepreneur




Episode Summary:


Does your spiritual path sort of meander around here and there?  Or are you one of those people who has unwavering beliefs and disciplined spiritual routines? Or do you fall somewhere in the middle?


In this episode, we talk with Ryan Estes, an American Buddhist entrepreneur, an overall powerhouse when it comes to work life balance. He owns multiple businesses. As founder of podcast booking agency Kitcaster, he facilitates thousands of extraordinary conversations. He is a firm believer that vulnerability is the key to a great conversation.  And that conversation is the antidote to polarization.


Listen in to understand how Ryan Estes defines himself as an American Buddhist, and how he integrates Buddhist teachings into successful enterprises.


Topics We Discuss:

  • [2:52]  How raised as a self-described “strip mall Christian”, he found Buddhism by way of native American Lakota purification ceremony, and psychedelics including ayahuasca. Always driven by innate curiosity.


  • [10:46]  How Ryan integrates spirituality and entrepreneurship. Asking the three questions: Is it fun? It is of service? Does it make money? Ritual of loving-kindness meditations. Bringing calm and peace to the workplace.


  • [15:45]  Ryan’s perspective of what it means to be an American Buddhist. How Buddhist ideas are seeping into the American culture.


  • [18:45]  Spiritual bypass vs. integrity in spirituality. Humility. Keeping it real.


  • [21:50]  At time with deep social, political, economic stressors and differences of opinion -- conversation is the only antidote to polarization.


  • [22:42]  Jujitsu!


  • [26:00] Metta meditation – a technology to practice loving-kindness. A series of affirmations projected first onto oneself, then projected onto someone near to you, then projected to someone you are indifferent to, then finally projected onto someone with whom you are in conflict. 



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