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Life, Death & The Space Between

Feb 4, 2022


“When we can experience fearlessness, our body-mind is in the place where it needs to heal... If we can really wrap our heads and hearts and minds and entire beings around this notion that there is this greater reality, how might it change how we experience life? How might it change how we experience illness? How might it change how we think about dying and death?”


– Patricia Muehsam, MD 




Episode Summary:


This episode will have you questioning your very senses. In a good way.  


In this episode, we talk with Patricia Muehsam, MD a pioneer in the synthesis of science, holistic health and contemporary spirituality. Dr. Muehsam is a physician who has distinguished herself as a practitioner, educator and research scientist shaping the landscape of health care options available today.


As the founder of transformational medicine, Dr. Muehsam prefers a whole person approach to health and wellbeing. Doesn’t that sound refreshing?


Dr. Muehsam offers tools and resources for individuals and communities in person and online. Her new book,  “Beyond Medicine”, is out now and available everywhere.


Listen in to learn about Dr. Muehsam’s five absolute health tools available to everyone, anywhere!




Topics We Discuss:

  • [2:52] Dr. Muehsam’s intense psychic experiences during college: out of body experiences, seeing future events that came true, changing the substance of objects, communicating with animals, hearing people’s thoughts! And how that forever changed her understanding of our three-dimensional, five senses world perceived through our thinking brains.


  • [15:31] How Dr. Muehsam defines Absolute Health as being in a place of peace, and being in touch with our essential nature.


  • [22:15] Dr. Muehsam’s “Five Absolute Health Tools”: 1) breathing, 2) mindfulness and meditation, 3) journaling, 4) mind/body sensing, and 5) mirror work. All methods to return us home to a place of healing.


  • [25:30] The science of belly breathing, how to experience mind-body sensing, the mirror work technique.


  • [31:50] Where illness and disease come from.


  • [32:56] Inherited ancestral trauma.


  • [36:18] The book “Near Death in the ICU, Stories from patients in the ICU and Why We Should Listen to Them” by an ICU physician Laurin Bellg


  • [37:25] Dr. Muehsam answers Amy’s speed round questions:


    • Spirituality means…?
    • What is something most people don’t know about you?
    • What is one thing you’re looking forward to?
    • What are you grateful for right now?
    • What book is on your nightstand?
    • What is the most transformative experience of your life?







You can find Dr. Muehsam here:



Her book, “Beyond Medicine”, is available everywhere. If you are in New York City, get a signed copy by finding Grace, a homeless woman who lives outside Metropolitan Museum of Art, near the 81st Street entrance. Please.





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