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Life, Death and the Space Between

Jul 30, 2020

Bill Guggenheim is a pioneer in the field of After-Death Communication (ADC) experiences.  He is considered to be the "father of ADC research" and has written and spoken on this subject for more than 30 years.   He became a bereaved father when his younger daughter, Jaenet, age 47, ended her physical life in April 2011.

Bill and his former wife, Judy Guggenheim, founded, defined, researched, and named an entire new field of human experience that may be as old as mankind.  They call it "After Death Communication" and published their findings in their bestselling book, Hello From Heaven!  Bill and Judy conservatively estimate that at least 60 million Americans, or 1 out of 5 people, have had an ADC's though the actual numbers may be closer to double these figures.

In this episode...

We define After Death Communication (ADC’s)

How ADC’S differ from medium work? 

Different types of (ADC’s)

How to differentiate (ADC’s) from dreams?

How long after someone dies can you have an ADC?

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