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Life, Death and the Space Between

Feb 14, 2022



“We don’t lose our loved ones when they pass. They are still here… I still think he's as much here with me today as he was when he was actually alive.” – Ricki Lake




Episode Summary:


Happy Valentine’s Day!


We are so excited to honor the day by bringing you a delightfully magic love story from our special guest, actress/producer Ricki Lake. In keeping with the usual Life, Death and the Space Between vibe, this love story has a twist -- it occurs across the veil!


Singing professionally since age 9 – Wow! – Ricki’s film debut came as the lead role Tracy Turnblad in John Water’s 1988 cult classic Hairspray. At age just 24, she became the youngest ever TV daytime talk show host. In her hugely popular show, Ricki Lake, she invited lively conversation with guests and engaged the audience with animated candor. Ricki has a long list of film and TV credits. Most recently, Ricki has produced illuminating documentaries, including The Business of Being Born about home birth and midwifery, and The Business of Birth Control, which is out now.


Ricky shares her very personal experiences in the most open, authentic way.


Listen in to hear about the incredible string of synchronicity after synchronicity and how Ricki knows, knows, knows in every cell of her body that she remains connected with her beloved Christian.


And how love, indeed, never dies.



Topics We Discuss:

  • [2:19] Ricki’s devastating loss of her ex-husband and beloved friend Christian to death by suicide. He had suffered horribly from bipolar manic/depressive episodes and physical pain.


  • [4:59] Ricki and Christian’s last night together just days before his death – against the advice of all of her friends to keep him at a distance – allowing a beautiful last experience.


  • [6:14] Her experience with a psychic who told Ricki where to find his body.


  • [7:44] The message from Christian through a psychic that he wanted Ricki to “have the ring”. And how Ricki managed to locate their wedding ring in a pawnshop in Los Angeles.


  • [9:15] Although he couldn’t stay on Earth, Ricki feels Christian orchestrating events and feels his continued devotion and protection.


  • [10:18] How another psychic reading gave Ricki details only Christian would know, giving her peace and validation that Christian was still with her, and allowing her to climb out of her grief and to begin to put her life back together.


  • [15:25] Even as Ricki was devastated after losing Christian, she did not feel responsible for his death. She understood how much he suffered in his life physically and mentally, living with both his madness and his genius.


  • [19:14] How Ricki met her current husband, Ross after a chance encounter with a friend on the beach. She is in what she calls a “state of grounded euphoria”, and in the prime of her life at age 53.


  • [23:58] Ricki’s advice to finding love at any age: keep your heart open, really love yourself, and value yourself. There is hope. There is someone.


  • [25:02] Ricki is in the euphoria of love for Ross while continuing to process her grief over Christian. Grief and love coexist for her.


  • [26:49] How Ricki processed her devastating grief by forcing herself to get out and walk the dog, forcing herself to smile, forcing herself to find gratitude.


  • [28:45] Her magical marriage to Ross just a month ago. And another synchronicity where her and Christian’s song came on just before the wedding ceremony.  


  • [31:54] How Christian gave Ricki another sign turning on her backyard lights. When you know it in your heart it is true, you know it, and it transforms you.


  • [36:47] Christian’s past life story as a Native American where he was killed by a bear while protecting his brother’s life. The amazing connection to a his bear claw ring that Ricki found in his things in Ibiza, Spain - where she spread some of his ashes.


  • [40:30] Ricki feels close to Christian when she wears or holds his jewelry.









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