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Life, Death and the Space Between

May 23, 2019

Mark Coleman is on today’s podcast, and he is the author of From Suffering to Peace, Make Peace with Your Mind, and Awake in the Wild.

He’s the founder of the Mindfulness Institute and has an MA in clinical psychology and works as a corporate consultant, counselor, meditation teacher, and wilderness guide.

May 16, 2019

Can you imagine being dragged under a train and living to tell the story?
In 2006, David Ditchfield had a freak accident in which he was dragged under a speeding train.

As the surgeons fought to save him, he had a profound near-death experience (NDE) and journeyed to what he believes was the Afterlife.
When he woke up...

May 9, 2019

How do we make sense of life when we are faced with something difficult? What kind of light can we make out of darkness?

Today, Barri Leiner Grant is her to tell us how she has manage to transform the loss of her mother into something very meaningful, in this new segment, Making Meaning.

Barri is an author, stylist,...

May 2, 2019

The Angels are back again. This time they are in the operating room.
Tricia Barker experienced a profound near-death experience during her senior year of college.
Her near-death experience story has been featured in various media outlets, most recently the Dr. Oz show just this past February.

Tricia’s NEW memoir,...

Apr 29, 2019

Stacy believed that when we die, that is the end. While she had experienced other losses, it wasn't until her mom passed away that something happened to make her wonder if maybe there is something more...

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost...stories is a new feature we are trying out on Life, Death and the Space Between...